Stationeers Steam Key GLOBAL

Stationeers Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • Construct your own space stationThe main aspect of the Stationeers gameplay is the detailed construction system. The system which includes such things like architecture or networking. Construct complex factories in space using machines, conveyors and computers. The system itself is very detailed. You're responsible for every single element of your own station. Hence, it rewards you if you're actually planning your every step. A well-designed (mainly from the architectural point of view) space station is going to be able to survive in rather harsh, space environment. For example, the first step is generally to build a relatively small, square platform to place your machines. You have some materials that you could use according to your needs. The funny thing is the fact, that it is the very first moment in which you can literally jeopardize your own station. Each step is important and you have to plan it. Don't worry though. After all, you were chosen as the manager of the station. Hence, you probably have all the essential skills.Manage, manage and once again manage your stationWhile construction itself is the most important aspect of the Stationeers gameplay, it is not the only crucial element. Management is also quite significant. To the point where you're going to constantly focus on this aspect. You need to use a huge variety of tools in order to create an ultimate station. Everything your station requires, you need to harvest, produce, build up and create. The atmospheric system, for example, includes such elements like temperature, pressure, combustion, water, fire, and gas mixtures. Each of those things needs to be taken into consideration.Explore the endless spaceYour adventure is not only limited to your own space station. You're also going to explore the beautiful, yet dangerous space. Build a mothership thanks to which you'll be able to move from one place to another in search for resources, exotic plants or even new forms of life. You can be like Columbus. An explorer who is going to write his name with golden letters in future history books. What else do you really need? The entire universe is waiting just for you.

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